Turkey’s Erdogan might appear as a key player in the Russia-Ukraine crisis


Some western intelligence has claimed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is somewhat inevitable. Russia has pinned it just a lie and claimed that there is no such planning of any attack. At the same time, it has about 100,000 soldiers near the Ukrainian border to which it has not given any explanation yet.

As per the western Intelligence reports, Russia may invade somewhere in early 2022. The talks between Russia and the western powers have yet failed. President Joe Biden of America also said Russia wants to ‘move in.’ The NATO secretary-general; Jens Stoltenberg has also warned about the reality of the conflict.

The Pentagon has deployed 8500 US troops to western Europe and has decided to send 2000 more. It said that the troops won’t fight in Ukraine, but are deployed to ensure the defense of its allies.

In case of any conflict, not only Europe but the world will be badly affected by this. The world leaders have tried their best to solve the problem with political means, but they all seem to lose their hook.

The Erdogan bridge

Erdogan a key player for Ukraine

After world war 2, Turkey made a very important decision related to its security and about utilizing its geographic importance. On 18 Feb. 1982, Turkey joined Greece to become a NATO member and side with the western block. Turkey is very important to NATO. After the US, it is the biggest contributor to NATO.

On the other hand hand, Turkey’s ties with Russia can’t be forgotten. It is the closest NATO member to Russia. Russia is Turkey’s largest provider of energy. Also, Turkey afforded slight tensions with its allies the US, when purchasing the S400 defense system from Russia.

Turkish President Erdogan while on a visit to Ukraine offered to hold the Russia-Ukraine summit. This can be very useful for relieving some tension as Erdogan has a very special relationship with President Putin. Volodymyr Zelenskyy; president of Ukraine, thanked Erdogan and insisted he was working for peace in Ukraine.

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