Watch: Wheel of Boeing 747 Dreamlifter falloff just after take-off; video goes viral

A wheel of a 180-tonne Boeing 747 Dreamlifter falloff just after the plane took off.

A video of a wheel falling off has now gone viral on various social media platforms. Nobody was injured on the ground in this incident.

Media reports said the incident reportedly took place in Taranto in Italy.

The viral video shows the plane taking off the runway into the air then a black trail of smoke was seen coming from the undercarriage of the plane and suddenly a wheel falls off the plane. The wheel falls to the runway and bounces away.  The wheel is said to have a weight of around 100kg.

As per reports, the plane continued with its travel and landed safely in the US despite the initial malfunction. Investigators from the National Agency for Flight Safety (ANSV) are probing the incident.

The video was shared on Twitter by ‘BoardingPassRO’. The video has notched 178.9kviews. 

“The wheel said goodbye to its colleagues and jumped off. Wheel may have wanted to go on holiday,” said one user.

“Some things don’t get old. I have lived right next to the Air Force base where the B-2 fleet is stationed since 1993 and I still run out and watch it fly over,” said another.

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