Former actress Sana Khan, who is on her first Hajj post leaving showbiz,  shared videos of Tawaaf of holy Kabba. Sana became emotional when she started rituals with her husband.  

“Siwaye Allah Ke Duniya Mai Aisi Koi Takat Nahin Jo Insaan Se Kuch Cheen Le, Ya Ata Kare 🤲🏻

 This whole vibe of coming to Allah’s house is soooo fulfilling ♥️” she captioned one video

“May Allah make it easy for everyone who r here performing their Umrah and Hajj 😊

 JazakAllah khair @alkhalidtours for your hospitality words will never be enough for what you and ur abbu does for hajji’s JazakAllah sister for capturing these wonderful moments for us,” she added.

Sana Khan had completed her three Umrahs post her marriage. She performed her first Umrah in December 2021 and her second in Ramzan this year. Soon after that, she completed her third Umrah with Mufti Anas in May 2022.

For the unversed, it was in October 2020, when the 33-year-old celeb left the world of glam and glitz to pursue the path of her creator. Later after a month, she made headlines with her secret wedding news with Mufti Anas Sayaid. Since then, Sana Khan is enjoying her ‘happily ever after’ with Anas and her social media handles prove the fact.

Earlier this year, Sana turned `Umrah’ counselor and gave tips about pilgrimage. Sana posted a video on Instagram to guide people intending to perform holy pilgrimage in the time of Covid.

“People were asking so many things because of the Covid situation. I thought to make a video. I have performed three Umrah. Our Umrah was arranged by Khalid tours within two days.  We did not want to return from the airport. We decided in two days to perform Umrah because Allah’s house was opened after two years,” she said.

Sana urged the pilgrims to download two apps and book a slot for the pilgrimage. She said people can also book appointments on spot for Medina. 

“Who knew that Allah will shut his house for two years? Now you should reach on time as per the appointment given by the officials at the holy shrines,” she said.

Earlier Sana Khan shared a video of her stitching Kiswah (Gilaf-e-Kaba) the cloth that drapes the Kaaba. The cloth is woven from silk and cotton and adorned with gold calligraphy.

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