Video: 200 Skydivers jump from 19000 feet to break world record

A team of two hundred skydivers tried to break a world record by jumping from 19000 feet in Chicago

 Shared on Instagram by Skydiving World Champion, Karine Joly, the video features as many as two hundred skydivers, wearing colorful diving suits, thronging the sky-holding each other’s hands.

In the video, they can be seen slowly drifting away from each other while attempting to break a world record in the windy city.

For those unversed, the previous world record for a 200-way vertical formation was set in 2015 with 164 skydivers.

The caption in the post read, “D4 Jump 1 First pod on a bridge With @simonpwhittle @_im_sponsored @gregcrozier.airwax @noahbahnson @domikiger.”

Reportedly, the jump was made at a height of 19,000 feet, and the divers had only  60 seconds of working time to break the world record. They were falling at a speed of up to 180 miles per hour.

 “I definitely wanna do this,” wrote one user

 “Iron man all suits assemble,” wrote another.

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