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The US has approved a $100 million support to Taiwan to strengthen its patriot defense system aimed at heightened tensions with China.

The finds would be used to ‘Sustain, maintain, and improve’ the island’s security, the Pentagon said on Monday.

China claims Taiwan as its an integral part and has maintained pressure on the island ever since Tsai Ing-wen was elected its first president in 2016.

In recent days, China has entered Taiwan’s air defense zone.

“Highly welcomed” the US decision, Taiwan’s foreign ministry said.

Like most countries, the US doesn’t have formal relations with Taiwan, because of China’s ‘One China policy,’ which says there is only one country with the name China and Taiwan is its integral part. So, a country can have formal ties either with the Republic of China (known as Taiwan) or the Peoples Republic Of China (known as China).

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China backs Russia for ‘stopping the NATO expansion.’

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