Painting ke andar painting: Viral video of endlesspaper digital zoom-in art stuns internet

Digital art is rewriting the existing boundaries of how people perceive aesthetics. In one perfect example of it, an artist has stunned people with his digital art video that one can zoon-in endlessly while witnessing masterpieces after masterpieces in what seems to be a single digital painting.

The artist who goes by Vaskange posted the video on their Twitter handle. “The original video of my artwork here. Stay tuned, to discover more infinite stories!” they wrote while posting the video. The wonderful clip starts with a scene that shows someone sitting in front of a drawing board. But the real jaw-dropping experience begins when the artist starts zooming in.

See the video for yourself:

The video has been posted on July 26. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated more than 9.9 million views and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also gathered tons of comments from people who expressed their wonder.

“This is mind-blowing,” wrote a Twitter user. “Superb,” posted another. “I love this. You’re taking “wait, there’s more!” to a whole new level,” commented a third. “I never wanted this to end,” expressed a fourth.

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