PMSSS Scholarship Scheme Notification For J&K Students Issued: Check Details Here

National Scholarship Portal Scholarship Scheme For SC Category For The Year 2022-23.

National Scholarship Portal Scholarship Scheme For SC category For The Year 2022-23

Fresh Registrations for Pre-Matric and Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC (Schedule Casts) Students Year 2022-23

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Important Instructions & Guidelines

Students applying for scholarship for the first time (Fresh Students) need to “Register” on the portal as fresh applicant by providing accurate and authenticated information as printed on their documents in the “Student Registration Form”.

registration form is required to be filled by parents / guardian of
students who are below the age of 18 years on the date of registration.

Before initiating registration process, students / Parents / guardian are advised to keep the following documents handy:

Brief instructions for filling up the online Application Form are given below (Fields marked with * are Mandatory fields):

1. Date of Birth (DOB)*
Provide DOB as printed in educational certificates.

2. State of Domicile*

Domicile state means the state in which students have their permanent address.

Students are required to provide their domicile state correctly as the “Application Id”
allotted to them will be based on domicile state. This application Id
will also be used as “Login Id” on the portal and for future references.Once allotted the student will not be allowed to change the domicile State under any circumstances.

3. Scholarship Category*

Scholarship schemes are divided in following
major categories described below (Students are required to select the
relevant category based on their class/course in which they are

2.1 Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme: For students studying from Class IXth and Xth.

2.2 Post – Matric Scholarship Scheme:
For students studying from Class 11th, 12th and above including Courses
like ITI, B.SC, B. Com., B. Tech, Medical /students studying top level
colleges such as IITs and IIMs/ students doing Technical and
Professional courses etc.
(Attach a hyperlink mentioning details of schemes of different

4. Name of Student*

Provide name as printed in educational
certificates. For students applying for Post Matric scholarship scheme
preferably provide name as printed in class 10th certificate.

For students providing Aadhaar number to ensure that your name is correct in your Aadhaar card.

5. Mobile Number*Provide correct and authenticated mobile number,
as all the communications and One-time passwords related to portal
activities will be sent as SMS on this mobile number.

  • (i) In case of Post Matric scholarship scheme only one registration is allowed with one mobile number.
  • (ii) For pre-matric scholarship scheme,
    where students do not have mobile number, parents’ mobile number can be
    provided. The parents’ mobile number can only be used for filling
    scholarship applications for maximum of their two children only.

6. Email Id
Provide correct and authenticated email id, as all
the communications and One-time passwords related to portal activities
will be sent on this email Id.

7. Bank account details

Provide active bank account number and IFSC code
of the bank branch of the student. The name of bank will be
automatically mentioned based on your IFSC code. If not, then write it
as printed on the bank passbook.

In case of Post Matric scholarship scheme one
registration must be done with one bank account number.Whereas, for pre
matric scholarship scheme, where students do not have their own bank
account number parent’s account number can be used. However, parent’s
account number can only be provided for maximum of their two children.

8. Identification Details

Select and provide the information in this field
very carefully. You are required to select one of the following methods
for identification details:

7.1 Aadhaar Number: Students who have Aadhaar number are required to provide 12-digit Aadhaar number as printed on Aadhaar card.

Upon submitting the registration form, the
system will match the personal identification details of the applicant
with the Aadhaar records.

Only one registration is allowed with one
Aadhaar number. However, if multiple applications of a student are
found in the system at a later stage, all his/her applications are
liable to be rejected.

It may be noted that your Aadhaar Number
could also be used for crediting scholarship amount in the bank account
linked* to your Aadhaar number in fast track mode.

For all such cases, where student does not
possess Aadhaar, he is required to provide a scanned copy of first page
of his Bank passbook (containing the photograph of the applicant)

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