In his speech, Pakistan’s Prime Minister affirmed support for Kashmiris and called upon the international community to take actions against India’s ‘genocidal acts.’

Kashmir solitary day or Kashmir day is annually observed on the 5th of February in Pakistan and some other parts of the world by Kashmiris. It is observed to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir by the state of Pakistan and to pay homage to the people lost in the Kashmir conflict.

On Saturday, the Prime minister of Pakistan appealed to the world to step up for the human rights violations India has committed and its plans of ‘demographic changing’ of the region.

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“Modi’s fascist policies of oppression & violence have failed to crush the spirit of the Kashmiri resistance in IoK,” the prime minister said.

Chief of army staff, Mr. Bajwa also added ”Now is the time to ‘end this human tragedy.'” He stated that the Kashmir issue must be resolved in line with the UN resolutions as per the desires of the Kashmiri people.

Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi; Prime minister of the Pakistan Administered Kashmir said the entire Kashmir has welcomed the expression of solidarity from Pakistan. “…God willing victory will be the destiny of Kashmiris,” he tweeted.

At 10 am PST, a one-minute silence was also observed according to a report by Radio Pakistan.

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