Massive Investment By Google – Company Is To Generate 12000 Jobs in 2022!!!

Google’s New Investment Plan – May Create At least 12000 Jobs in 2022!!! Google has recently made an Announcement to make Huge Cash Investment this year. The Amount is expected to be more than Last Year’s Investment. The Company is said to Create Massive Full Employment Opportunity, in order to Change the Work from Home Pattern followed in Various Countries.

Google has made Plan to invest $9.5 billion in 2022. There is expectation that, the investment will create at least 12,000 Full-Time Jobs. The Main focus of Employment Creation is in several states such as Nevada, Nebraska and Virginia. The Investment of the company is to increase compared to last year.

The Company is in the plan to bring back its Employees from Work From Home Method to Work at Office Method, for the Pass Few Days. The Main aim of Investment made is to create Physical Offices setup. The Firm is trying to bring back its Workers from United States, the UK and Asia Pacific to Work at office.

Google is in full force to change the Policies that created during the Corona Lockdown Period. The Company is to make more Investment at its Head Quarters with Housing Commitment for the Employees who get back to Work in Office Method.

As per the source, Google helped in providing Various Economic Activity by creating two million jobs in 2021 and 394,000 jobs in 2020. The Company has made Various Contribution to the local communities and created over 40,000 full-time jobs in 26 States of US. Let’s hope the Company’s New Investment will create many changes, more than the last year’s Contribution in the Economic Growth and Development in Various parts of the World.

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