How to start learning VA for Amazon to make tons of money

How to start learning VA for Amazon to make tons of money

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Who is the Amazon VA?

An Amazon VA or virtual assistant is a professional who performs various tasks and activities which are related to your Amazon business. Most of them actually work remotely. They have revolutionized the way business is done. You can think of them as ‘representative.’

Why you should consider VA as a profession?

Because VAs provide many advantages and benefits to business owners, many business owners are hiring VAs to compete in the market and their demand is increasing day by day. Because of the benefits, it contains, many business owners are signing up for Amazon virtual assistant services. The VA will work either part-time or full-time depending on the need.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Salary

In India, the Amazon VA makes 21,438 INR ($278.58) monthly on average. In Pakistan, the monthly average is 42,373 PKR ($227.20) and in the US, they make about $21.73 per hour.

Tasks of an Amazon Virtual assistant

Here are some of the tasks an Amazon Virtual assistant (VA) has to handle

  • 1 – Customer Service.
  • 2 – Fulfilling Orders.
  • 3 – Managing Tracking Information.
  • 4 – Listing New Products.
  • 5 – Updating Inventory on Current Products.
  • 6 – Optimizing Product Content for Amazon SEO.
  • 7 – Running PPC Ads on Amazon.
  • 8 – Managing Amazon Seller Metrics.

How to start learning VA for Amazon

Our team at NewsTale researched for articles on the web that could help you learn ‘How to start learning VA for Amazon’ but the resources were lacking. Still we gathered information in pieces and after combining them, we can provide this report:

Learning for VA job means representing the business. According to Joanna Black, who is the former Amazon FBA Seller at (2020-2021), one of the ways to become VA is;

Sign up for a Fiverr account and create a seller profile. Find the best categories to put your profile in under Amazon Virtual Assistant. Take some time to create a good cover photo and description of what you can offer to potential buyers.

-Joanna Black

According to Laiba Javed who is the Virtual Assistant at Amazon (2021-present);

Watch online courses about it and you’ll be able to provide your services. You’ll help others build their business and after some while, you can start your own business on Amazon and start selling on it. It’s worthy because Amazon is the largest e-commerce site and growing day by day.

-Laiba Javed

Here are also some sources for learning VA for Amazon. Here is a free Amazon VA mini-training. Here is the amazon VA full course of 8 hours in Hindi/Urdu from green learn academy.

How to Apply for an Amazon VA job?

One of the best ways is via freelancing on different websites as said by Joanna Black. You can also Apply for Amazon VA by clicking here

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