How to learn anything fast, no matter what your brain condition is

Learning is the most important skill. Without learning you aren’t growing and don’t achieve anything in life we want. One great man said knowledge is not power. Knowledge is profit. But not all people learn anything. In this article, I am not talking about how to learn, but most important is how to learn anything fast, no matter what subject you study is. Because learning is important, but we are living in 21 st century this century, only two things are required.


First ~ Learn hard things, Second ~ learn fast.

Some years ago I faced the same problem. Studying Artificial Intelligence Engineering, so I read so many books on memory topics and some of the great journals published in mind. After 13 books and 55 journal articles read than I learn, that learning a new thing is very easy, So I apply my knowledge in my own life after 3 years I learn so many things some of them is ~ Piano, Touch-typing, Machine learning, Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence, Graphics Design, Edm and so many things. Because this quote is right knowledge is not power knowledge is profit. So I decided to share with people I know, almost everyone struggles, and learns a new thing. But remember, knowing is not enough. You must apply what you know once you apply your life change.

Use the universe’s powerful word I AM

How to learn anything fast, no matter what your brain condition is

Jim Kwik author of Limitless book said your brain is a supercomputer and your self-talk program, what program you input, you give output. I know many people don’t understand this term the first time I am don t understand this. The author said what you think you become, this is right.

If you think about how to apply this, follow this rule. ~.

Example ~ Suppose you learn mathematics.

So you write notebook, I am love mathematics or I am the best mathematician.

Example 2 ~ Or you learn Python programming language

Write I am a Python programmer.

Repeat this 3 to 6 times a day. After you wake up and sleep time to go. When you repeat this, your subconscious brain believes you have achieved this thing already. And belief is everything. So you learn this and apply this knowledge to your next learning thing. And comment now on which thing you learned this month.

Focus is the gateway memory

How to learn anything fast, no matter what your brain condition is

No matter how many things you learn, you don’t remember, which means you don’t learn anything. Learning means remembering, not forgetting.

Many people think I don’t have a good memory; this is a belief. They carry your mind and then they try to learn something they forget because they program their mind I not remember. First, change your program.

Use always a short amount of time. Learn something new. Because research shows shorter amounts of time, more work, more focus, and more productivity compared to long hours of work. Many people don’t know this thing. They always learn new things, many many hours. Vishen Lakhani author said Patrice is not perfect, perfect practice makes perfect results.

Allway learns 20-minute or 30-minute new things after 10 minute or 15-minute break. This thing improves your learning speed so much faster. But remember, during break time don’t use social media, only walk, or stretch.

You know everything, about how to learn fast, anything. Thanks for reading this article. If you think it’s helpful share this with others who know your one share that changed someone’s life . Comment below on which thing you learned this month. Have a nice day.

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