`Creates wrong impression among students’: Jeans t-shirts banned for teachers

Muzaffarnagar: Teachers of all government schools and colleges in Muzaffarnagar have been warned not to wear jeans and T-shirts as it may give a ‘wrong impression’ to students.

The district inspector of schools (DIOS) Gajender Singh said, “I was on an inspection of schools and saw some teachers wearing jeans and T-shirts in classrooms. I warned them to stay away from this casual approach. Now, I have released a circular regarding the dress code.”

The circular warns of ‘strict action’ against any teacher found flouting the norm.

Singh further said, “It is a matter of discipline. Not only students and teachers, but principals should follow the dress code too. If teachers dress modestly, it makes a good impression on students. Then, students will also follow their teachers. This order is applicable to female teachers as well. They need to wear a sari or salwar-kameez.”

The DIOS said that if someone does not follow the directive, he/she will face departmental action and bad entries in their record book.

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