Magic Mushroom Helps ‘Open Up’ Brains Of People With Depression: Study

white mushrooms digital wallpaper

The psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms helps to open up depressed people’s brains and stop them getting stuck in a negative pattern of thinking, a new study has suggested. Researchers said psilocybin – found in the mushrooms – made the brain more flexible, working differently from regular antidepressants, even weeks after use. It is … Read more

Battlegrounds Mobile India Fixes Multiple Issues With Latest Patch Update: All You Need to Know

Battlegrounds Mobile India, aka BGMI, has received a new patch update that resolves a handful of issues that were affecting the multiplayer game. According to developer Krafton, the latest patch will fix an issue affecting player speed in the game, and a bug where applying a player’s sensitivity codes did not work as intended. An … Read more