15 Books Everyone Should Read At Least Once

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Article by: Aayushi Gupta [15 Books everyone should read at least once] Have you ever tried to pick your next read and felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices? With approximately 130 million books in the world and more and more coming out every day, it is increasingly difficult to decide what to read … Read more

Burzahom archaeological site: Great History I

The is taken from Burzahom and the origin of Kashmir from Ganaie. Please Go to Ganaie for full article The Burzahom (3000 BCE to 1000 BCE.) is an archaeological and UNESCO World Heritage site located in the Valley of Kashmir which dates back to 3000 BC and 1000 BC. It coexisted with the Indus valley civilization (3300 – c. 1300 … Read more

Vikings, human sacrifice and bad hygiene: Early Islamic descriptions of Russia and Ukraine

BY: Shafik Mandhai Editor’s note: The excerpts and accounts found in this article are based on translations of works by Ibn Fadlan and other Muslim writers published in “Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness: Arab Travellers in the Far North” (Penguin Classics). They include descriptions of ritual abuse and murder that may be distressing … Read more

Ukrainian Inventions that influenced the world

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On the 25th of Feb, 2022, Russia Invaded its neighboring country of Ukraine. It was right after President Putin ordered for ‘Special military operation’. Apart from the war-related news, we want to update and remind you of the Ukrainian Inventions that influenced the world. Hard disk drives (HDD) The invention of HHDs was a pure … Read more

Russia runs nuclear drills, may attack Ukraine ‘at any time’

Ukraine’s military on Saturday said that mercenaries had arrived in separatist-held eastern Ukraine to stage provocations in collaboration with Russia’s special services. Russia’s strategic nuclear forces held exercises overseen by President Vladimir Putin on Saturday, and Washington accused Russian troops massed near Ukraine’s border of advancing and being “poised to strike.” With Western fears of war rising, … Read more

[Satalite Images] Russian military activity on Ukraine border

The latest satellite images provided by the US space technology company Maxar show that wide-scale Russian military activity persists close to Ukraine’s borders, despite recent Russian claims of de-escalation and withdrawal. Taken in mid-February, they illustrate that Ukraine remains surrounded on three sides – on its borders with both Russia and Belarus – by Russian … Read more

4 Kashmiri Females Still in Jail

4 Kashmiri Female Prisoners Still in Jail. As we all know Kashmir is a Disputed Territory between India And Pakistan. And where there is a dispute, there are Arrests for being at any side. The same is the case with Kashmir.  Here is an overview of 4 Kashmiri women still in prison: 1.Asiya Indrabi She … Read more