The United States has warned that Russia may invade Ukraine on the 16th of Feb. What results could this prediction yield? Can World War 3 start tonight?

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Monday, February 14 called on the country’s people to fly flags and sing the national anthem in unison on February 16, a date that some Western media say Russia could invade.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden has also said that Russia will “Move in.” NATO chief has also warned that the threat of invasion is “real.”

The President of Russia, Mr. Putin has also warned of “military-technical response” if its ‘security demands’ is not meant. To which NATO has responded that it is not interested in fulfilling Russia’s demands.

The UK officials have also said that Russia could invade Ukraine ‘at any moment’.

Russia wants Ukraine not to join NATO, to which the president of Ukraine Mr. Zelenskyy stands firm on NATO membership ambition.

But some experts say that Invasion could be Putin’s greatest blunders. The country would be crippled by the west’s sanctions. But on the same hand, Russia is in better condition than it was in 2014 for the sanctions.

Additionally, Russia’s soldiers would have to face the NATO soldiers which are deployed in Eastern Europe, resulting in the ‘killing’ of once and for all, the Russia-NATO Founding Act of 1997.

While sending the US military units to Europe, president Biden Said, the US military facing the Russian Military is a “World war.”

French president Macaron, while on a visit to Moscow termed “Finlandization,” for Ukraine. which is the friendly foreign policy towards Russia, military non-alignment, and freedom in domestic affairs. But no one in Ukraine’s establishment is ready to accept this.

For Russia, the situation is tense. If it went to Invade, it has to face crippling sanctions from the west, and if it went to back-foot, its warnings won’t be taken seriously in the future. It won’t have the influence it today holds.

but if it went on invasion, Biden has promised of ‘Swift response‘.

This Russian “response,” however, may not necessarily be that of an invasion. It may, perhaps, “only” consist of the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons to its western borders, and maybe even Belarus.

It could also comprise a massive cyber attack on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, its banking system, and major companies. Neither the deployment of weapons nor a cyber attack would necessarily trigger the massive financial and economic sanctions against Russia currently being discussed in the West. In contrast, a military incursion into Ukraine certainly would.

Stephen Van Natten, an American citizen Told News by The NighTale (NewsTale):

“This is what Putin fears the most. Every time an Eastern European nation joins NATO, the US puts a military base in that nation just across the border from Russia. This has gone on for many years. Russia cannot put a base just across the border in Canada or Mexico, and we screamed when the USSR tried to put missiles in Cuba during the John Kennedy Presidency. If Biden really cared, he would sign a treaty with Russia saying we would not put a military base in Ukraine. This is another example of how the USA has become a bully in recent years. We do the very things we refuse to allow others to do. So, the only way Putin can stop this is to invade Ukraine, destabilize the government there, and install his own people in power in Ukraine. This is how World Wars are started.”

Stephen Van Natten to News by The NighTale (NewsTale)

As per Ganaie, The War is far away.

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