‘Alien creature’: Viral photo of deep sea rough skin shark caught in Australia leaves netizens in horror

An Australian fisherman has left social media intrigued after he posted a picture of his weird catch, a mysterious deep-sea shark that large eyes and teeth.

Taking to Facebook, Trapman Bermagui, a Sydney-based fisherman, posted a photo of the face of the deep sea shark caught at a depth of 650 meters underwater.

The bizarre creature has a distinctive appearance with rough-looking skin, a pointed nose, large eyes and a protruding set of sharp teeth. “The face of a deep sea rough skin shark. All the way from 650m,” Bermagui captioned the post.

Since being shared, the photo of the deep sea shark has caused quite a stir online.

“Looks very prehistoric,” wrote one user. “the deep sea is another planet down there. wild looking alien creature,” added another.

A third user suggested that it wasn’t a real shark at all. “Man made.. either a sculptor or mixing of DNA with the assistance of the crisper,” wrote the user. A fourth jokingly commented, “Looks really happy he’s just had his braces off so is accentuating the gums and teeth.”

Several other people also commented that the shark appeared to be a “cookie-cutter” shark – a small cigar-shaped shark with a bulbous snout and distinctive lips.

However, speaking to Newsweek, Mr Bermagui stated that the creature is not a cookie-cutter shark. “It’s a rough skin shark, also known as a species of endeavour dog shark,” he explained. “These sharks are common in depths greater than 600 meters. We catch them in the wintertime usually,” the fisherman added.

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