After Burj Khalifa, Dubai to house world’s first moon-shaped resort

Abu Dhabi: After Burj Khalifa, Dubai is constructing a giant moon-shaped resort at 5 billion US dollars.

Canadian architectural company, `Moon World Resorts (MWR)’, has proposed to build the resort for 5 billion US dollars (Rs 3,96,85,85,00,000).

The resort will be built in 48 months. It will have an overall height of 735 feet (224 metres). It is expected that the moon-shaped resort will attract about 2.5 million visitors annually.

According to a report in Arabian Business, the resort will be similar to the surface of the moon from the outside, with an area of 10 acres, and includes a colony aimed at those looking to explore space tourism at a lower cost without the need to actually travel to space.

The colony will be a replica of the moon’s surface, available for visitors to walk on in a simulated lunar walk experience.

The project will also accommodate a training platform for various space agencies and astronauts as well as luxurious private residences called ‘Sky Villas’.

The resort will also have300 ‘Sky Villa’ units available for purchase, and the owners will be members of the resort’s exclusive private club.

The moon-shaped mega-resort will have a spa section, health club, night club, event center, international meeting room, suite, and indoor moon shuttle.

The project is proposed to operate under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification, a 5-star built-out standard, and a 5-diamond resort operational standard.

“Moon Dubai will be the largest and most successful modern-day tourism project within the entire MENA region, doubling annual tourism visitations to Dubai based on its global appeal, brand awareness, and unique multiple integrated offerings,” MWR co-founder Michael R. Henderson said.

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